[Personality Test] What do you see first in this picture?

This test will reveal your personality!

1. What do you see first in this picture?


2. You selected bird.

● Attractive
● Calm
● Full of brilliant ideas
● Sensitive

【Things to improve】
●Change your mind so much
●Little bit of vanity

You have a mysterious charm and have an artistic sense. Also, you have great observation skills. You like to observe anything you see. You are kind and witty.
However, you are too proud of yourself and you change your mind too often. This can make you feel lonely so keep this in mind!

3. You selected butterfly

●Finish your work quickly
●Make fast decisions
●Have faith in yourself
●Trendy and have an eye for art

【Things to improve】
●Lack of patience
●Very strict
●Too much talkative

You have a unique personality and you are outstanding in visual fields. Always make fast and clear decisions and you are an excellent troubleshooter among your friends.
However, you are sometimes too strict that some people think you are a difficult person. So be careful with this!

4. You selected blade of grass

● You are a warm person,
● Self-disciplined,
● Have good observations,
● Have good analytical skills,

【Things to improve】,
● Over sensitive to criticism,
● A Little bit pessimistic,
● You are too slow at work because you tend to be obsessive with details,

You have excellent learning skills and analytical skills that people recognize you as a smart and organized person.
You are good at controlling your mind and good at managing things systemically and analytically.
However, you tend to be a perfectionist who has a big fear of making a small mistake so be careful with this!

5. You selected skull

● Take good care of other people,
● Full of bright energy,
● Always diligent,
● A good listener,

【Things to improve】,
● Don’t like changes,
● Often put off things for later,
● Indecisive,

You have good observations skills and communication skills. You are a skilled mediator between two fighting friends. People love you because you are a warm-hearted person who gives good advice to them.
However, you can sometimes have problems because of your laziness and indecisive attitude so be careful with this!